• This course is for those who want to take their time and learn the basics of a perfect pitch.  Through this 4  week, 1 hour coaching sessions + homework, you will learn:  
  • Precious Williams cover Precious Williams cover
    This course is for entrepreneurs and sales teams who want to learn the Top 3 Secret Lessons for getting and maintaining explosive sales month after month.  I also help solve the problems of how to get the right media attention and exposure, investors, and your prospects interested in and ready to buy your products and services.
  • In this Masterclass, Precious will be teaching you how to get paid speaking engagements THIS YEAR! I'll be providing you with the confidence you'll need to build your pitch and presentation. I'll be training you on how to effectively blend your unique story, authenticity, financial challenges, successes, and opportunities into a "killer" pitch and/or presentation. You'll also be taught how to authentically connect with your target market, create noise and buzz around your brand, and go after your most promising prospects in a strategic way!

    What You Can Expect

    • Learn what should go into your speaking pitch
    • How to strategize and go after the speaking engagement you want with very little competition
    • How to build noise and buzz behind your speaking platform, helping you stand out
    • Where to look for speaking engagements
    • How to stay on track for it's a daily task
  • Why This Book? You inspire me when I am lost, broken, and can’t take another step. I wrote this to honor the warrior within every woman, even if she has forgotten who that is.  Time to reclaim yourself, refocus your energies and keep your eyes on the prize. This book is not about being controversial for controversies sake.  It is about empowering women who are ready and poised to take their rightful places as “bad bitches with power pitches!”
  • 🎤 Are you an aspiring or experienced speaker? 🗣️ Well, it's the most wonderful time of the year for us!!! Why? Because now is the time for us to get serious about    "Securing Your "Speaking BHAG" for 2020!"  
    1. Want to speak at TEDx?
    2. Want to become a Fortune 500 corporate trainer?
    3. Want to know how to monetize your message for different and distinct audiences?
    4. Want to know the steps to getting conference organizers and event planners to seek you out for speaking engagements?
    Then join my newest program,   “Secure Your Speaking BHAG in 2020!!!!”
  • In “The Killer Pitch:  RockstarConfidence” program, I will teach you step by step:    
    • The secret to creating #RockstarConfidence and accessing it at anytime
    • Create the perfect pitches for your business or brand
    • Create killer proposals that close
    • Create killer presentations
    • Mindset mastery
    • The basic elements of a killer pitch and presentation that actually converts
    • How to maximize every opportunity to your advantage in speaking
    • Attract your ideal prospects who are ready to buy now!
    • Create a brand that stands out from competition
    • Stay top of mind with your target market