• This course is for those who want to take their time and learn the basics of a perfect pitch.  Through these 4 week, 1 hour sessions, you will learn:  
    1.  How the perfect pitch can help you win business, set yourself apart at networking events, and make you an expert in your industry. You must think like a champion.
    2. The nuts and bolts of a "killer" pitch so you can slay all competition
    3. Creating the perfect pitch
    4. Learn why authenticity is the beginning of any successful pitch
    5. Understand how knowing your business and your core visionary strengths come from preparation and strategy
    6. How to make your pitch wow, amaze and delight any crowd and most importantly, boost sales

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    This course is for women entrepreneurs who want to learn the Top 3 Secret Lessons for getting and maintaining explosive sales month after month.  I also help solve the problems of how to get the right media attention and exposure, investors, and your network interested in and ready to buy your products and services. As a result of working with me, women entrepreneurs experience explosive sales, becoming known as the expert in their industry, and attract their ideal clients and customers. Are you a successful women entrepreneur who is afraid to play BIG? To stand out? Be different? This course was created for successful women entrepreneurs who are READY to gain constant and consistent sales, stand out from their competition, and grow and expand their businesses exponentially. Top 3 Secret Lessons – From the #KillerPitchMaster 1. Properly Strategize and Use Ruthless Cunning 2. Take Decisive Action Everyday 3. How to become more visible to your ideal target market 4. Bonus Tip: Dare to be Different 5. Bonus Tip: Build Your Tribe
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    In this jam packed course, I will show you how to make your passion your money making machine.  No matter what business you are in, you will gain clarity, focus, and ease when it comes to profiting off what you were born to do. This 6 week program will show you how: 1.  Passion Changes Everything Including Your Bank Account 2.  Mastering Your Story with Passion 3.  Passionately Finding Your Authentic Voice 4.  Passion and Your Perfect Pitch to Potential Clients, Customers, Investors, etc. 5.  Secret techniques for attracting consistent, interested and ready to buy leads 6.  Closing sales no matter the objections with Passion
  • Making #powermovesinDecember to Explode your 2019! Making #powermovesinDecember to Explode your 2019!
    Psst!  Want to know the secret to creating powerful pitches and presentations that stand out and lead to more bookings?  Have no fear, the #KillerPitchMaster is here to help! In this program, I will help you:
    1. Create 2 signature presentations that convert!
    2. Powerful Speaking techniques, tricks and strategies that help you stand out and get noticed!
    3. Powerful Speaking Techniques so that your audience is ready to buy now!
    4. Create noise and buzz around your talk so that it can be sold out!
    5. Becoming the Ultimate Storyteller with impact, passion and ease
    6. Clarity, focus, ease and grace
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    1. VIP only access to all monthly webinars 2. Perfect Pitch 7 Day challenges 3. Entrance to our 'Members Only' VIP Facebook Group with direct access to Precious L. Williams, The #KillerPitchMaster, & her associates via Facebook LIVE 4. Facebook LIVE weekly warm-ups and Q&A events. 5. PLUS scheduled successful women founders who have had funding success, pitch competition success, and media success using Perfect Pitch principles, strategies and techniques. 6. Bad Bitch to Watch Weekly Spotlight 7. Inspiration and motivational quotes created just for you. 8. Free consultation with me every 3 months.
  • Perfect Pitches Product 4 Perfect Pitches Product 4
    Need help with getting started with your pitch?  Want tips on how to strengthen your delivery?  Have questions about the Perfect Pitches by Precious method in creating the perfect pitch for you and your business? Have no fear?  The #KillerPitchMaster will help you:
    1.  Start your pitch off right
    2. Help you begin to create your masterpiece
    3. Give you at least 2 valuable tips that will help you on your pitching journey
    4. Answer your burning questions about pitching and presentations
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    Hello, my name is Precious L. Williams and I am the Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC. I train and teach women entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations, how to create the perfect elevator pitch for their businesses so that their ideal customers and clients are ready to buy now! My company, Perfect Pitches by Precious, teaches the art and science of perfect pitches and presentations that bring out your “WOW" Factor! If you currently struggle with your elevator pitch, presentations and public speaking skills, have no fear, the “KillerPitchMaster is here to help! Through my innovative speech communications strategies, my clients, as well as myself, have had explosive sales, have successfully appeared on “Shark Tank, CNN, WSJ, MSNBC and other top business shows and publications around the world. Trust me, I can create noise and buzz for your brand, help you “slayallcompetition,” and make you to go to expert in your industry.
  • In this webinar, Precious will be teaching you how to get paid speaking engagements THIS YEAR! I'll be providing you with the confidence you'll need to build your pitch and presentation. I'll be training you on how to effectively blend your unique story, authenticity, financial challenges, successes, and opportunities into a "killer" pitch and/or presentation. You'll also be taught how to authentically connect with your target market, create noise and buzz around your brand, and go after your most promising prospects in a strategic way!