#BookedandBusy Webinar With Precious


Need help with getting started with your pitch?  Want tips on how to strengthen your delivery?  Have questions about the Perfect Pitches by Precious method in creating the perfect pitch for you and your business?

Have no fear?  The #KillerPitchMaster will help you:

  1.  Start your pitch off right
  2. Help you begin to create your masterpiece
  3. Give you at least 2 valuable tips that will help you on your pitching journey
  4. Answer your burning questions about pitching and presentations


In this webinar, Precious will be teaching you how to get paid speaking engagements THIS YEAR! I’ll be providing you with confidence you’ll need to build your pitch and presentation. I’ll be training you on how to effectively blend your unique story, authenticity, financial challenges, successes, and opportunities into a “killer” pitch and/or presentation. You’ll also be taught how to authentically connect with your target market, create noise and buzz around your brand, and go after your most promising prospects in a strategic way!


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