Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale

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Psst!!!! Have you heard about my new Black Friday special #SpeakingGigsGalore? Are you tired of struggling to get speaking gigs? Want to know my top secrets for getting conference organizers and event planners to seek you out? Desire to get rich in your specific speaking niche?

Then check out my newest online course, #SpeakingGigsGalore that was created with you in mind! It also comes along with bonuses for being the first to try it before prices go up significantly! If you want to get in on this by Black Friday or even before buy today before it’s too late!



#SpeakingGigsGalore is a 90-minute Masterclass online.  The course also comes with these 5 bonuses:

  • How to Pitch Yourself as a Speaker Checklist
  • The Top 5 Secret Places to look for Speaking Opportunities (they don’t want you to know about) Checklist
  • Purpose, Passion, Profit: The 3 Keys Necessary to Brand Yourself as a Speaker Checklist
  • 5 Ways to Develop your Niche as a Speaker Checklist
  • Ingenious Ways to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace as a Speaker Checklist


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