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    This course is for entrepreneurs and sales teams who want to learn the Top 3 Secret Lessons for getting and maintaining explosive sales month after month.  I also help solve the problems of how to get the right media attention and exposure, investors, and your prospects interested in and ready to buy your products and services. As a result of working with me, entrepreneurs and sales experience explosive sales, becoming known as the expert in their industry, and attract their ideal clients and customers. Are you a successful women entrepreneur who is afraid to play BIG? To stand out? Be different? This course was created for successful entrepreneurs and sales teams who are READY to gain constant and consistent sales, stand out from their competition, and grow and expand their businesses exponentially.
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    In these jam packed 3 sessions, I will show you how to turn your current pitch into a money making sales machine.  You will be able to secure media attention, investor interest and knock out you networking elevator pitches.

    You will learn how:

    1. Pitch me your already created pitch, I will critique it and give you an assignment to perfect it.
    2. You will again pitch me your recreated pitch, I will critique it again to make it better and I will guide you to where you need to say this pitch for maximum impact and results.
    3. Recite your perfect pitch again for final feedback and additional coaching with strategic plan in place
    Now you will be the ultimate sales machine with The "Killer" Pitch Perfected.