Good day everyone! December sure snuck up on some of us, didn’t it? For entrepreneurs, small business owners and those looking forward to starting or growing their business in 2019, preparation is key.

The truth is that 2018 is not over, giving you ample time to reflect and decide to do one to three (1-3) new things with intention for next year. Remember, 2019 is the year of possibility, hope and tenacity.

So when I say #powermovesinDecember, what does that mean? It means making BOLD business choices, doing things you have never done before in business and pushing your business and yourself to the limit.

Here are some #powermovesinDecember to consider:

  1. Get Rid of Dead Weight. Now is the time to make sure that those in your network actually support and guide you on your business and life’s journey. If you haven’t heard from them all 2018, customers, clients, colleagues, and associates, let the pruning process begin. Reach out one final time and just let others know that you want to be a resource to them but if there is no longer a good fit, feel free to unsubscribe . You only want raving fans and supporters not those who are dragging your stats and self-esteem down.
  2. Start with a Consistent New Way to Engage Your Audience. Prepare yourself to be the ultimate resource and business guide for those who need your service. Being in the shadows and hoping that you will get recognized is a recipe for disaster. Time to stand out and be counted! Do a biweekly Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and get serious about passionately unleashing your skills, talent and abilities on your network. Be aggressive and really aim to stand out. You can do this! I promise.
  3. Aggressively Pursue Those Who You Want to Work With Everyday. This means being clear about who you want to work with and why. Do the research needed to see what they are lacking or what you can improve on in their business and confidently approach from a place of knowledge and relationship building. No more just taking people to coffee and seeing where it goes! No, be respectful of your prospect’s time and waste none of it. This requires that you be cunning, strategic and ready to strike. The perfect time may not happen which is why I suggest approaching 2 prospects a day initially and reaching out in sincerity and proving yourself with your pitch. Spend December taking time to get clear on your prospects, their goals and who you can improve their sales, help them better their businesses and freeing them from things they cannot and/or don’t want to do.

I hope you enjoyed this short article. Let me know what your takeaways and aha’s were from reading this. Love you all and let’s toast to your success!


Precious L. Williams, CEO

Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC