Secrets to Success
It’s no secret that IAW members are an accomplished group of professional women, with many of them owning their own businesses. So, since October is National Women’s Small Business Owners Month, we thought we’d ask a few of them to share their advice and insight about running a successful company. Some of these members have been in the same business for years, others are just starting out and others were inspired to make a major
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Hello, I am Precious and I am your “Fairy” Pitch Master. I am here to help you solve your problems with your elevator pitch. Let me be clear, watching Shark Tank is incredibly educational and entertaining. As an entrepreneur, every Friday, I watch “Shark Tank” because it is one of my favorite shows and it shows that pitching is not easy. The more I watch “Shark Tank” the more I see that great pitches stand
Precious L. Williams is a world-class master communicator who works with successful women entrepreneurs and helps them take their professional speaking skills to the next level. With over 23 years of experience conceptualizing unique branding and marketing techniques, Williams seeks to train individuals and companies how to remain authentic while marketing concepts and visions to distinctive audiences. As a 13-time local and national business elevator pitch champion, Williams has been featured on top television shows
Can you F.E.A.R. and Still Pitch Like a Pro Heck Yes
Let’s face it! Most people are afraid of public speaking, let alone pitching. I get it and totally understand. Why is pitching important? Pitching is an important skill that will set you apart from the masses in any situation. A great pitch will have you remembered in job interviews (gaining you the job), networking events, and even get you noticed by media outlets. In fact, a great pitch will have customers and clients flocking to
Who is the KillerPitchMaster
On May 16, 2013, I became the Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Champion. In Columbus, Ohio, I took the crown and beat the other 9 best to claim the top prize. I can and will help you too meet your goals and get RESULTS!
The Courage to Let Go in Pitching...
As I turn 40 next year, I am taking stock of all the things I held onto for so long that no longer serve me. For example, the great man that got away. Friendships that came and painfully went. Getting kicked out of Georgetown University Law Center in March 2002. Having a nervous breakdown in 2004 while at yet another law school, Rutgers School of Law-Newark. Why am I telling you this? Because I want
Mastering the Art of You...
As a 13-time elevator pitch champion, I have learned quite a few lessons on my pitching journey. Yes, you must start your pitch off with something very memorable and end with a bang so you are not easily forgotten. That’s a given. It is also true, if you have time, to give killer statistics, sales figures, and prove how your business is unique and different. I have been the #KillerPitchmaster for over 6 years now
Lighting the Fire Within...
Last week, I learned that one of my clients has a major meeting in Los Angeles with a well known celebrity production company. He chose to let me know so we can talk strategy, ideas, and the art of pitching. I am so excited for him, not because of the major meeting but for believing in himself enough to embrace this opportunity. He is nervous but self-assured. He knows who he is and where he