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A Word From The Founder

Precious L. Williams is a world-class master communicator who works with successful women entrepreneurs and helps them take their professional speaking skills to the next level. With over 23 years of experience conceptualizing unique branding and marketing techniques, Williams seeks to train individuals and companies how to remain authentic while marketing concepts and visions to distinctive audiences.

Nicknamed the “KillerPitchMaster,” she is a master of the spoken and written words and is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion.


Khepera Mem El Bey

“Miss Precious Williams is beyond phenomenal, her drive, determination, enthusiasm, skill, passion, selflessness and willingness to share her knowledge with the masses is truly one of a kind in this and any other industry! Miss Williams you are the epitome of the perfect pitch!”

Khepera Mem El Bey
Quentin V. Mezetin
“I’ve met Precious and worked with Precious and can testify is the REAL DEAL. You give Precious 100% she’ll give 150% no questions asked. She doesn’t sell a Magic Potion for your success, she brings it out of you. I’m so grateful our lives crossed because I’ve never been the same since. Thanks for your AWESOMENESS!!!”
Quentin V. Mezetin

As a 13-time local and national business elevator pitch champion and former lawyer, Williams has been featured on top television shows and publications for her pitching and branding skills. She was featured in ABC’s “Shark Tank,” CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal as well as several others.

The philosophy of her “killer” pitch is evident in the strategic and personalized creative communications and presentations solutions Williams puts forth. As a serial entrepreneur, international professional speaker, and coach, Williams is equipped to bring life, authenticity, strategy, and boldness to all your oral and written communication needs.

Williams is a graduate of Spelman College and Rutgers School of Law. She is a current member of Phi Beta Kappa and lives in New York.

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