6 Tips To Achieving And Maintaining The Attention Of Your Audience

What do you think of when you know you have to sit through another business presentation? It’s not shocking to realize that the images that come to mind are likely a bit bleak. After all, at some point in your career, you have you’ve had to sit through your fair share of monotonous meetings and discussions, the last thing you want is to be the one delivering that snooze worth presentation.

Let’s face it, a boring presentation can be a reputation killer, and it can turn a room full of attentive professionals into a room full of sleepy zombies. If they aren’t sleeping then they can be checking their phones or shopping online while they try desperately to stay awake.

Despite all these negative scenarios, there are still occasions when you were able to watch a memorable business presentation. Let’s discuss tips that will keep your audience engaged!

6 Tips To Achieving And Maintaining The Attention Of Your Audience

  1. Make It Stimulating Visually. To get right to the point, business presentations also need to be visually stimulating. Aside from carefully picking and choosing the content you want to include, you need to make PowerPoint decks that speak to the visual senses of your audience. Considering the use of high-quality images filled with a striking array of colors in your presentation can make a big difference!
  2. Start with something that captures attention.  It’s crucial that you don’t begin your presentation with something general and expected. Begin with a statement that ignites interest and leaves them wondering what else you might say. Doing something that’s out of your element and will not only surprise you but your audience members as well and break the ice right from the start.
  3. Be enthusiastic! Perhaps the best way to capture and keep your audiences attention is to be enthusiastic! It is a must if you want to engage your audience! It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a relatively boring topic. Delivering your message enthusiastically and passionately will and keep them hooked throughout. A great way to show your enthusiasm is your body language.
  4. Ask thought-provoking questions. Asking the right questions will urge your audience to process information and ultimately be more interested.  Use a series of well-planned questions, incorporate a brief activity, or introducing a problem that you will solve are a few methods that engage the audience in a way that simply listening does not.
  5. Use the power of your voice. When you speak publically, your voice falls and rises, this is called inflection. When presenting, it’s imperative that you master the skill of sounding engaging and avoiding the dreaded robot speech at all costs! Use the power of your voice, its strength and tempo to accentuate and maintain the attention of your audience.
  6. Take breaks. When you start to see eyes drooping then that is your cue that attention has left the building and learning has stopped. Take a few minutes and suggest your audience stand and stretch or take a quick walk around. Don’t be afraid to join them as it is important to keep your own energy levels up.

The Takeaway

Trying to keep the interest of an audience is no easy task. It is important that regardless of what caused the attention of the audience to wane, that you are equipped and prepared to take action!

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